The Driver failed to read the instructions that I had written very clearly and instead just bought whatever they had felt like. It was not even close to what I had ordered.

Even if there is no BLT option on Doordash for Subway, and even if I have to choose the closest thing to it and modify it to best suit my needs, the driver did not read the "Special Instructions Section" and failed to get the right bread or toast the sandwich.

I am extremely disappointed at the waste of money and the fact that I can't submit driver reviews on the website. I am going to have a frozen pizza and some potato chips for dinner tonight.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Manhattan Beach, California

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First of all.....unless the restaurant has chosen to have the dasher place the order...they will not see your special instructions. Only the restaurant sees that info.

Second....the dasher doesn't just buy whatever they want....really??? Lol most likely, the dasher might have grabbed someone else's order? OR because the sandwich isn't on their menu for DD they had to sub it out for the most comparable item. Which would result in you getting something completely different.

If it's not on the DD menu, they don't offer it for take out. In store only item.


Contact DoorDash if you haven't already. They should reimburse you. Sorry you had a lousy dasher.


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