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l have been driving for UBER Eats, Postmates and DoorDash for about a year and a half and now getting onboard with GrubHub. And guess what? They are all the same. I can assure you I have experienced some of the same issues reported by other Dashers with all three entities. I have had trouble with the app with ALL three entities. Complaints or negative ratings by customers come from all three. Customers *** about me being late have no clue that the restaurant didn't have it ready when I arrived on time to get it and they don't care. They know the time they were told it would be there and they know I wasn't there at that time. I just remember to text them to give them a heads up if it looks like i am going to be late. It helps soften the blow. And it's not like it's going to affect my tip anyway. The my tip was chosen before I even accepted the order. (Don't forget that.)

And no utensils and/or missing contents? Restaurants sometimes tie or even staple the bags closed. They are simply handed to us and unless we bust open the bag to check, we have no idea if they are in the bag already. I don't know about you, but if I was ordering food, I would wonder why my already closed and stapled food order was ripped open. So, when I am not sure, I just grab them anyway and big whoop, the customer has an extra fork and some extra napkins.

That also makes it hard for us to confirm the order, by the way. That whole 'stapling the bag closed' thing. The reviews also don't mention the crap we get from restaurant employees sometimes when we DO ask them to first confirm the order. They act as if they are just so inconvenienced by this less than 30 second task or we will get the, "what, you don't believe me when I tell you all the contents are in the bag," attitude when we ask them to first confirm the order. I got tired of it. After one complaint about there being missing items, I started not leaving the restaurant until they confirmed every item on the ticket. I get attitude sometimes, but who cares? And since then, I have caught three different orders that would have gone with me with some of the wrong items. Oh and if the customer was too dumb to know that the driver did not have anything to do with the fact that the restaurant forgot remove the dairy from their breakfast platter, I pray for them because clearly, there is no hope.

I have experienced doofus customers with all three delivery companies, too. Customers who do NOT provide special entrance instructions when they KNOW they have a special entrance situation. (Gated community, door buzzers). I mean, seriously. You knew I was coming. If my last customer remembered and had time to type, "PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK - BABY SLEEPING!! TEXT INSTEAD!", they you have time to type,"Address actually located on a side street near the alley INSIDE the garage and there is no parking. Text me and I'll come out" in the app when placing your order.

DoorDash support I have had to call only 2 or 3 times in the last year and a half. Twice with regard to orders being placed with restaurants who are not even open and once because of issues with their app while on a delivery. All three times they were nice when I was impatient or nasty. But, truly it depends on the person you get answering the phone. You can catch any Customer Service rep on their bad day when they aren't the most cordial on the phone. With any company.

You'll have issues with UBER, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, all of them at some point, if you drive for them. So, cut DoorDash some slack online, will ya?

-Dashin' since 2016

Reason of review: i'm scheduled to dash in a few hours!.

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