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I had a lunch delivered to my work for a meeting. The driver...Samer Ibrahim Diab left without my whole order.

I called the restaurant...McAlisters Deli, Southlake , TX to advise them that I was missing food. I told them that I was available to pick up the rest of my order and the manager said since he couldn't reach the driver and he was short staffed that I would have to. I left as soon as I hung up the phone. On my way there, the driver showed up to the restaurant and picked up my food he left.

I got to there just a couple of minutes after he walked out. As I pulled into my work parking lot he hit me front drivers side door and did damage. He acted very suspicious and then asked me..."This is your fault, right. Uh no!

I said...he did not have the right of way as I was pulling in to my work driveway and he was cross traffic. He said that it was his friends car and gave me his friends insurance. Police were called, but because TX is a no fault state and it happened on private property no report was filed. I filed damages on his insurance and he made a claim with mine even though he only had paint on his bumper.

After taking both of our statements both Ins. co deemed him liable but the unfortunate news for me his insurance was not in effect at the time of the accident...10/19/18 @ 12 pm. I am asking that he no longer be employed with doordash as he is breaking TX law in not carrying insurance. I will most like as well file a lawsuit with him, McAlister's Deli and Doordash for damages.

You need to be better aware of the people who work for you.

This driver did nothing for your company but put a bad taste in my mouth in ever trying to use Doordash as well as other delivery companies. I will also be using my experience in telling everyone I know and the companies I frequent not to use Doordash as the drivers are most likely not insured.

You can reach me by or by phone..304-952-5651.

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Vehicle Driver.

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Filing a lawsuit against the restaurant is the biggest jacksssery ive seen in years. McAlisters had literally nothing to do with how *** the driver is. You're a *** for using doordash, plain and simple.


Same here last Saturday


wow! thank u for the detailed experience..I'll think twice b4 using doordash again as well.


yes, I’m sure every time you order doordash you’ll have to go pick up the food yourself because there was no drivers, and then end up crashing into the driver after there no being any drivers. yes happens very often, all the time. * sarcasm obviously....


Um... DoorDash and McAlister’s has nothing to do with this particular driver not having insurance.

This person may have had it at the time of signing up to be a dasher and it lapsed. He most likely chose to lie to DoorDash by omitting the information. But in any event, it’s the driver you need to go after.

Stop being hotheaded and think rationally before going after several entities. McAlister’s is an innocent bystander, the dasher could have gone to Burger King, Ihop or any other restaurants and this still would have happened.

@Jordan mcgee

The point is that SOMEONE besides the person whose car was hit by the ignorant DoorDash driver needs to pay for the damages. It is the responsibility of DoorDash to make sure their employees are within company policies AT ALL TIMES.

They cant just check the insurance once in the beginning and never recheck their drivers. Their drivers are their responsibility.


Unfortunately Doordash drivers are Independent contractors.


An honest question, If DD drivers are required by the company to have insurance in order to even begin contracting for them, what does mentioning they're contractors have to do with it? How is them being a contractor unfortunate?

The company absolutely requires the driver's name be on insurance, have a SS number to do background check, and then to pass said check. Am honestly curious how being a contractor allows drivers to bypass the company's own requirements for contracting.


It doesn’t matter if they’re independent contractors. Die dash is still responsible.

Door dash can then subrogate their losses by going after the driver Owned a pizza place for years. All drivers were independent contractors and it was up to us as owners to make sure drivers kept up their insurance and if they caused an accident while delivering then YES I could be sued for damages if they had no insurance