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I ordered delivery for your service on March 2nd I live here in Beaumont Texas I already thru Pho Skys, I guess a local owned restaurant that rendered your services for delivery but what I ordered I didn't receive and in fact a representative from your facility call me when the item I ordered they said they didn't have any more they ran out of it so I told them what I would like it to be substituted for instead of pork chops but beef. But what I ordered was I think it's a number 34 it's char broil pork chops with rice baked egg fried egg and you get a salad and I also ordered Char-Broil shrimp and pork spring rolls after talking to the representative from your services and told her what substitution I would like they sent me the wrong spring rolls as well as they sent me a bowl of soup.

The delivery guy that's employed by your services was very nice very helpful it was not his fault when I tried to reach out back to the restaurant they were closed so first thing Monday morning when they opened I called I spoke with someone they gave me his name Tom and I told him what happened he realize that they did make a mistake and said that I could come at any time and get a replacement well right now I'm disabled because of a tragic injury I haven't been able to work since January and limited just going to the bathroom can't walk can't bear any weight on my injury . He assured me he understood and would take care of it and I said I probably can get anybody to come in there until Friday to pick you up my correct order well me being a person of my word call them to let him know that I wasn't able to find anybody to come and pick it up today but tomorrow and from that on it was a disaster. I was told by a man that answer the phone that they don't have a Tom there and he put another lady on the phone by the name of Khan or Kran that was not professional at all very disrespectful she also concluded that it was your fault that I received the wrong order and your services suck and that's not professional because I told her doordash delivery people don't go behind the counter and get the order they have to give them order and they said was busy sometimes they don't know but that's not anybody's excuse if you going to do a job you do it right so she wasn't even willing to replace my food without me haven't proved that I order from y'all even after I told her who I talk to and not only just putting on your service and I'm just furious because I don't want nothing free in life I pay for whatever I want.

But I've already contacted my credit card services and they're going to dispute the order that I asked them to please don't dispute the delivery in the charges to doordash because it's not your fault and I just want to let you know like I said before the restaurant is located here in Beaumont Texas off of Dowlen I don't have their number right now handy but if I did our present it to you if you email me back I'll give you the number. This is just bad customer service bad business and I will let everybody know not to go to them but encourage them to continue to use your *** service ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Doordash Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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